After nearly 2 years of running an OpenCanary in Oracle Cloud, it seems they decided to kill the bird.

No warning, no messages – just an uptime monitor suddenly informing me that both e2-micro instances in Oracle Cloud were down.

At just before 15:00 CET on March 6th, 2024, my collection of OpenCanary instances shrank from 3 to 2. Gone with the culling in Oracle was also my Caddy reverse proxy.

I cannot imagine their SOC or NOC thinking today was a special day in terms of traffic but there was a slight onslaught of VNC connections hitting the host during today that might have woken them up. 1000 connections per hour on VNC is not unusual….

The most annoying factor is that Oracle Cloud just cut the hosts without warning. I have reached out to Oracle via a long-time friend to find out why the host was killed by them.

RIP, Armada.

Except of course not….!

Welcome, Armada, hosted in Google Cloud.

Down – but not out….!